Who am I?

I’m Axel Hardy, a french web and app freelance developer since 2013.

Passionate about my job, I’m always interested in learning more about internet related technologies and languages.

Several months ago, and after a lot of client requests about Shopify, I decided to give it a more serious look and I fixed myself a goal : building a complete Shopify App and getting it published on their store. However, after starting my learning journey, I quickly discovered that not a lot of resources were available to accomplish the creation of a complete Shopify app.

Despite that, and after a lot of coffee, I still finally managed to reach my goal with my very first Shopify app released called PoppyScroll.

Learning and building this app was a complicated project because I really had to experiment everything by myself, I made some mistakes and it was not a smooth process. That’s why I recently came up with the idea of building this blog which would be 100% focussed on sharing my experience and knowledge about my Shopify developer’s journey.

My new goal with this blog is also to finally create a complete step-by-step course on how to build a Shopify app from scratch. When I was learning, I would have loved to find one to help me accelerate the learning process, that’s why I want to make this for you today.

If you are interested in getting notified when this course will finally be released, feel free to enter your email below :